Comic Book Savant Episode 358: Movie Talk: Justice League

This week I will be reviewing DC Films movie Justice League which is the most important movie to the future of the DCEU. I will discuss the film in full detail so this is a spoiler review, for a non spoiler review check out Enjoy!

Comic Book Savant Episode 349: Movie Talk: 2017 Movie Season Review Part 1

Comic Book Savant Episode 196: Comics Talk: Cutting My Stack

A new month a new Cutting My Stack episode! If you are a new listener this is a new format to the podcast where I do a full show and review all the comics I read the previous month. This episode I will be discussing Batman, Batwing, Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. Enjoy!

Batwing Vol. 2: In The Shadow Of Ancients TP (Instocktrades)

Green Lantern Vol. 4: Dark Days HC (Instocktrades)

Wonder Woman Vol. 3: Iron TP (Instocktrades)

Comic Book Savant Trade Your Pick Episode 39 Part 1: Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Blood

This month's Trade Your Pick selection is all about Wonder Woman in the new 52. I decided to cover Volume 1: Blood and Volume 2: Guts to give myself and you guys a more comprehensive vision of the character. So this Trade Your Pick episode will be broken up into two parts to give both volumes there proper due and focus. As always I do a detailed review of the book and talk all things surrounding it. Enjoy!