Comic Book Savant Episode 128: TV & Movie Talk: Avatar: The Last Airbender

This week I discuss one of the greatest stories in Comics and Cartoons Avatar: The Last Airbender. I talk about everything Avatar from the original cartoon series, movie, graphic novel series and the all new series Legend of Koora. Also I review the new movie Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope. Enjoy!

Comic Book Savant Episode 122: Comics Talk: What Are The Best Graphic Novels Right Now

This week I go over some of the best trade, graphic novels and or hardcovers out there that I think you need to pick up and give a try.  I extensively go through the past few months release and pick and choose the true cream of the crop with my selections. This was a listener suggested topic by @AgentFuture of twitter thank you again for the feedback. Enjoy!

Comic Book Savant Episode 98: Trade Talk: Secret Avengers Vol. 1: Mission To Mars HC

This week it is review central and it is all about Marvel Comics.  I do a Trade Talk in-depth review of Secret Avengers Vol. 1: Mission To Mars HC plus review Herc #2 and Moon Knight #1.  I get side tracked and remember the old days of the show in my preparation for episode 100 and do some shout outs too.  Enjoy!

Comic Book Savant Episode 40: Trades the Other White Meat or the Future of Comics?

This episode I sit down with Geek Brunch Co-Host Double H Heath Holland as we discuss everything related to trades and how it effects the industry. I read your forum comments on the topic and, then Phil's Corner Poll 3 and listener Phil Vaughn sends in the fourth Phil's Corner Poll. Also I unveil a new segment and more information on the CBS T-Shirts. Enjoy!