Comic Book Savant Episode 349: Movie Talk: 2017 Movie Season Review Part 1

Comic Book Savant Episode 69: Summer Comic Movie Round- Up!

This week I shall review the summer that was in Comic Book Related Movies and do the final round up on what will be worth getting when this hit our DVD Store shelves. Also this week again we are joined again by none other than Michael Manning (Reddjakk) as he send us another audio comment on his thoughts of the summer movies.

Comic Book Savant Episode 34: Summer Comic Movie Round-Up

This week I'm doing an Summer Comic Movie Round-Up. I will cover all the summer comic movies and the top summer comic movies releases on DVD also. I will cover 300, TMNT, Spider-man 3, Fantasic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, and Transformers. So strap in this will be a wild one! Also I do a ton of shout outs, and we get a audio comment from Darthdad about last episodes Top 10 list. Enjoy!