Comic Book Savant Episode 208: Comics Talk: Favorite Comic Series Run

This week I wanted to do something different and I wanted to go back and discuss not just some of my favorite comics series but runs within them. Nowadays with so many books coming out week to week and month to month it is good sometime to stop and take a look back at the things that made us fans in the first place. Enjoy!

Comic Book Savant Episode 15: Independent Spotlight Part II

I review some Independent books in the second of a four part special series spotlighting the other side of the Comic Universe Independents. Reviews this episode include; Star Wars: Legacy #4-6, Star Wars: Dark Times #1, and Dreadnoks Declassified #1. Enjoy!

Comic Book Savant Episode 3: One Year Later Analyst

One Year Later Analyst.  I take a look at the overall effect of OYL and does it still hold our attention after the first arcs have finished.  I give you my hit and miss pick for OYL and also review; Manhunter #25, Ms. Marvel #6, Star Wars: Legacy #2, Villains #1, and Gargoyles #1.  A jammed packed episode!