Comic Book Savant Episode 448: Obilivon Song Chapter Two - Trade Review

This episode I review the Image Comics Trade Paperback Of Oblivion Song Chapter Two by Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici. Enjoy!

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Comic Book Savant Episode 401: Spinner Rack Bros: Oblivion Song Chapter One TP

Comic Book Savant Episode 337: Top Ten Comic Book Writers (Updated)

This episode I was nostalgic and decided to do a Top Ten episode the on Comic Book Writers. I will not only list them, but discuss some of there works that put them on my radar. Enjoy!

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Comic Book Savant Episode 114: Comics Talk: The Walking Dead

This week I want to go back and visit one of my favorite ongoing comic book series The Walking Dead.  Over the past year and a half or so it has skyrocketed in popularity since the TV Show appeared last year and I will discus both comic and show.  Also I will talk about other comics that I have been enjoying recently with a special surprise segment as well. Enjoy!

Comic Book Savant Episode 48: Invincible Ultimate Collection Vol. 1 HC

This week I review Invincible Ultimate Collection Vol. 1 HC. Also I have a new Good Comic Bad Comic segment, a new Phil's Corner and as always I beg some more for listeners to buy T-Shirts. Hey what episode would be complete without a beg session, lol. Enjoy!