Comic Book Savant Episode 412: Comic Book Disscusion: DC Universe

This episode I just want to have a conversation about the DC Universe Online Streaming Service and what my ultimate verdict is about the service. Enjoy!

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Comic Book Savant Episode 411: Spinner Rack Bros #6: Brave And The Bold Moves Of DC Comics

This episode of SRB we discuss the addition of DC Comics to the Comixology Unlimited Service as well as what we think motivated DC to make such a choice, after years of avoiding this move. Plus, we talk about the ups and downs of being content creators.

Comixology Unlimited vs Marvel Unlimited: Which Works For You?

This episode was suggested from a commenter on a previous video and wanted me to do a deep dive comparing Comixlogy Unlimited against Marvel Unlimited so this is what I do,  break them down and compare from top to bottom. Enjoy!