Comic Book Savant Episode 113: Comics Talk: Comics Podcasting And Internet Media

This week I examine on the current state of Comics Podcasting and Internet Media coverage and it’s affect on the Comic Book Industry.  Not just from a manufacturing perspective but as for us as fans and after market content providers. Has these things started to taint or prohibit not just the way we consume the medium, but enjoy it that is what I will be looking at. Plus I talk about some new books I'm reading and really liking hoping you might give them a try. Enjoy!

Comic Book Savant Episode 50 Part 1: Round Table Discussion: Digital Downloading Of Comics

This week starts the 50th episode extravaganza part 1 of 3 covering digital downloading. Join me, Matthew (New Rules) Guy and Ed (Miscatonic) Moore as we have a round table discussion about a very serious topic concerning the comics industry. More show announcements, also new segment from Phil's Corner. Enjoy!

Comic Book Savant Episode 40: Trades the Other White Meat or the Future of Comics?

This episode I sit down with Geek Brunch Co-Host Double H Heath Holland as we discuss everything related to trades and how it effects the industry. I read your forum comments on the topic and, then Phil's Corner Poll 3 and listener Phil Vaughn sends in the fourth Phil's Corner Poll. Also I unveil a new segment and more information on the CBS T-Shirts. Enjoy!