Comic Book Savant Episode 192: Movie Talk: Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher

This week I review the most recent Marvel Studios Animated release Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher. I will talk in-depth about movie and what the current situation is with Marvel Animated Studious is the future as bright as the live action counterpart? We will discuss, Enjoy!

Comic Book Savant Episode 180: Movie Talk: Justice League: War And JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time

This week I will be reviewing Justice League: War and JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time. I will talk about the series that where influences for the movies and how well they where adapted to film. Also I talk about what characters or stories I would like Warner Bros to do a DC Universe movie on next. Enjoy!

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Comic Book Savant Episode 158: Movie Talk: Iron Man 3 And Superman: Unbound Reviewed

This week I will be reviewing Iron Man 3 and Superman: Unbound from Warner Bros Animation. I will also discuss what else is coming down the pipe from Marvel as well as DC Universe Animated Original Movies. Enjoy!

Comic Book Savant Trade Your Pick Episode 20: All-Star Superman Vol. 1 HC

This month I talk All-Star Superman Vol. 1 doing an in-depth spoiler free review. I also talk about upcoming contest, shout out some friends and all other types of normal insantity I display. Enjoy!

Comic Book Savant Episode 90: Superman: The Man For All Seasons

This week I spotlight one of my least favorite heroes Superman with the DVD release of All-Star Superman it seem only right to give him his due.  So I discuss the movie as well as talk about some of my all time favorite Superman stories.  Enjoy!

Comic Book Savant Episode 87: Oh Snap, Blackest Night!

This week's episode I talk about about all things Green Lantern! Green Lantern: Rage Of The Red Lanterns HC, Green Lantern #41, 43, Blackest Night #1, and Green Lantern: First Flight DVD. Also I talk about G.I. Joe: Resolute, don't worry until recently I haven't ever heard of it either but after my review you will ready to hear and see more. Enjoy!

Comic Book Savant Episode 50 Part 2: Bring On The Comic Book Movies!

This second part to the 50th episode extravaganza is all about the comic movies; The Spider-man Trilogy, Dr. Strange, and Superman/Doomsday DVD's. An all new Good Comic, Bad Comic and some audio comments too. Another jammed packed episode! Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!