Do you find yourself wondering if you are the only person who really cares about comics as much as you do? Do you spend hours pondering the best roster of superhero teams? Do you get frustrated after buying six issues of a story that could have been told in three?

Then listen to the Comic Book Savant Podcast. Comic Book Savant is an informative and fun journey through comics of the past and present with a perspective that is a little deeper than the average fanboy's. Join host James Harris as he discusses what makes the comics we love so special, and also discusses the creative side of comics, such as writing, penciling, inking, coloring, and more.

So whether you are a Golden Age fan or a Modern Comics fan, or just everything in between, Comic Book Savant is the podcast for you.

Established in August of 2006 the Comic Book Savant has produced a quality podcast that covers Comic Book and everything else related to the medium. Cartoon, Movies, Video Games, etc if it is based on an Comic I cover it all and I have over 400 episodes here for you listening pleasure. Enjoy!