Comic Book Savant Episode 395: Movie Talk: Top 5 Most Under-Rated DC Animated Films with Cereal At Midnight

This episode is a special one, because I get to sit-down and talk comic book goodness with one of my favorite people Heath Holland from Cereal At Midnight. As we countdown our 5 most under-rated DC Animated Films, this one is a blast so as always enjoy!

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Comixology Unlimited vs Marvel Unlimited: Which Works For You?

This episode was suggested from a commenter on a previous video and wanted me to do a deep dive comparing Comixlogy Unlimited against Marvel Unlimited so this is what I do,  break them down and compare from top to bottom. Enjoy!

Discount Comic Book Service vs. Traditional Comic Shopping - Comic Book Collector's Guide #6

Have you ever wonder which was better online comic shopping or traditional, well you don’t have to wonder anymore. I tackle the subject head on by explaining and using one of the most popular online retailers Discount Comic Book Service and seeing how it matches up and which can save you the most time as well as money.