Comic Book Savant Episode 73: Top 10 Comics Characters List Updated

This week's episode will be an updated top 10 lists for all time comics characters. Mike (Reddjakk) Manning, Ryan (Hulk Smash!) King and myself go over our own personal top 10 comics characters list and I talk about my absence over the past month.  This one is a Whopper of an episode boys and girls so strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.  Enjoy!

Comic Book Savant Episode 47: Top 10 Actors/Preformers in an Comic Related Project

This week I go with a new top 10 list on my top 10 actors/performers in an comic related project, thanks to listener Mr. Soul for submitting the topic. Also I have a new Good Comic Bad Comic segment and as always I beg some more for listeners to buy T-Shirts. Hey what episode would be complete without a beg session, lol. Enjoy!